Dog Who Loves Sleeping In Sunlight Locates The Perfect Spot To Nap

Nellie the sausage puppy is one sun-loving dog! Her owner explains her as the “4 month old solar powered low rider and queen of sploots” on her Instagram page, and you will see why in the images listed below.

Anywhere Nellie can locate even the smallest bit of sunlight shining through, she claims that place as her napping spot!

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And who can blame her? The heat and comfort of the sunlight is so relaxing and second to none. And for a young teething pup, it’s the best way to get all of that much-needed sleep!

And the other day, the Dachshund located the perfect sunspot on the floor that happened to engulf her whole body and nothing even more! It appeared as if it were there just for her.

Dad was able to snap a photo of the dog taking full advantage of the comfort and post it to Reddit where it handled a life of its own!

Nellie requires that charm rest, and she’s found the best way possible to get it.