September 28, 2023
Meet Ippo, The Cute Zonkey Who is Half Zebra, Half Donkey

Meet Ippo, The Cute Zonkey Who is Half Zebra, Half Donkey

This is Ippo the zonkey, a beautiful two-for-one hybrid of the zebra and the donkey. Ippo was born just 4 months ago at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy.

Her parents’ uncommon tryst occurred when her father, Martin the zebra, jumped the fence at his unit and got in an enclosure housing endangered Amiata donkeys. In the enclosure, Martin met Giada and, twelve months later, little Ippo was born!

Hybrids like Ippo are very rare. They combine numerous traits from both moms and dad species– their overall appearance is more like that of the donkey, however they have striped legs and stomaches and a wilder temperament than that of the donkey.

Unfortunately, like mules, hybrids like Ippo are often infertile due to different numbers of chromosome. Nevertheless, there should not be any significant health issues that would avoid Ippo from living a long and satisfying life. Provided her unique story and appearance, she will most likely be making a lot of brand-new buddies at her animal reserve in no time!