Tiny Bear Cub Doesn’t Quite Know What To Think Of The New Fawn

This fawn is new to Point of View Farm in West Virginia, a sanctuary that’s home to bear cubs, foxes and other fawns. Biologist Joel Rosenthal watches as Boog the bear cub checks out the newest member. 

People who have domestic pets, you know, dogs, cats, fish, birds, and so on, get to see their unique interactions all the time. That includes how animals behave with their species, as well as others. So, it’s easy to take amazing things for granted.

But when it comes to wild animals, that’s an entirely different story. For a lot of people, the only chance they get to see something like a bear is by visiting a zoo. For that reason, they can only imagine how they live in their natural environment.

We hear stories all the time about bears attacking other animals and even people. But when you consider how large this animal population is, the number of negative occurrences is rare. Thanks to an incredible sanctuary, millions of people go to witness what might take place in the wild between a bear cub and a fawn.

The video went viral

With something as amazing as this, it’s not surprising the video racked up more than 6.3 million views. The encounter between Boog and the fawn might’ve taken place at the sanctuary but it provides a glimpse of what their interaction could’ve looked like if they were in the wild. Of course, if mama bear had been around, things would’ve been different.


People began to comment right away. One person posted, “Boog is going to feel so embarrassed when he sees this video all grown up.” They could be right. Another individual had this to say, “Seeing a bear cub stand on their hind legs has to be the cutest thing ever.” We agree.

If you want to see how these to interacted, check out the video below.

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