Mother Hen Becomes Umbrella To Secure Her Babies From Heavy Rain (Video).

Mother Chicken Becomes ‘Umbrella’ To Secure Her Babies From Heavy Rain (Video).

A mother chicken, like a human mama, will do everything she can to protect her young.

A mommy chicken, an iconic emblem of mother’s love, will take care of her baby chicks, worrying over their nutrition and keeping one beady eye out for outsiders.

A video from India has actually gone viral, showing the depths of a mother chicken’s dedication and her willingness to put her kids’ needs ahead of her own.

A brood of small chicks can be seen snuggled around their mommy Chicken in the video. Throughout a severe downpour, the feathery mommy spreads her wings over them, functioning as a living umbrella for her children.

She, like lots of moms and dads, is unconcerned about her feathers being drenched by rainfall; all she stresses over is maintaining her children warm, dry, and comfy.

According to the person who caught the heartfelt footage:.

” This video was taken at a local fish market when there was hefty rain, we can see mommy’s love in the nature sic way. A chicken protecting its chicks in hefty rain.”.