Mountain Lion Chained For 20 Years In Circus, Finally Returned To The Forest

Imagine that you live your entire life in a jail, it is really disappointed, is not it? Animals also have the exact same feelings when they required to live in one place the entire life. And this story speaks about one of these animals.

Mufasa, a mountain lion, was required to live the whole life in the back of an old vehicle, which travels the cities in Peru which is known as “traveling roadside circus”

If the animal is “interesting” or ” awesome”, that doesn’t mean it should live his life just to entertain people.

Just like Mufasa, that was chained for more than twenty years, and forced to live a life that he hated, there are lots of animals that forced to live in small cages, just to entertain people.

But everything has actually changed in 2015, when Mufasa was saved by Animal Defenders International. They caught him when they worked to close the Peruvian circus, that he was with. He will never be forced to live a life that he does not want, he finally has the chance to live as what he wants.

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