one rebel dog constantly screws up their household picture sessions

One Rebel Dog Always Screws Up Their Household Picture Sessions

Hina the white Shiba Inu is the youngest of 4 canine siblings and certainly marches to the beat of her very own drum! She lives with her mother, Yoko Kikuchi, in Hong Kong and does not miss a possibility to allow her personality shine.

So naturally, she’s the one that always stands out in all of the canine family pictures!

Dad educated all of the canines to know to gather and rest till pictures can be taken. And of course, Hina always needs to include her own little flair!

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You might say she “ruins” or screws up every one of the pictures, but it’s in fact really funny! And why not capture the rebel dog’s real personality and spirit in these moments in time?.


Hina simply can not help herself. She’s quite the actress!

Interestingly, off-camera Hina is one of the most obedient of the pack, according to her proprietors! She can stroll with them without a chain and also is timid around people but likes all dogs.

You never ever know what response you’re going to get from the ridiculous woman in each photo, and it maintains life fascinating and always makes Mother’s day!