Orangutan Mother In Tears Reunited With Her Baby Who Was Taken From Her Hands

Everything seemed to be going fantastic between mother and daughter, but in spite of the young age of little Clarita, they had to separate totally unexpectedly.

The school is located on the island of Borneo, in Indonesia.

Clarita was kidnapped by a leading male and by staying away from her mom being so little, she began to run the risk of not being able to survive.

Luckily, the group in charge of monitoring the orangutans’ activity realized what had happened and decided to do something to aid Clara reunite with her baby.

Clarita was just a few months old when she was separated from her mother.

After a week they managed to locate Clara and Clarita, but they needed to be very careful to make sure it was really a successful reunion.

Once mother and daughter are separated, the mother orangutan might reject her calf if she notices that it has a different scent. Even worse, she can hurt her.

Clara and Clarita lived independently and did not belong to any pack.

That is why the team prepared and made a extremely cautious approach to show Clara that her baby had returned.

A caretaker carried Clarita in her arms and brought her closer to Clara’s cage. She wanted them to smell each other, while she was extremely attentive to her mother’s reactions.

” Do not let her grab her. She may want to harm her “, is heard in the video of the meeting.

They burst into tears when they saw what the orangutan did after her baby was taken from her hands

A couple of actions away were other extremely tense caregivers awaiting the results of this important reunion.

After several minutes, everything seemed to indicate that Clara was extremely happy to be able to see her daughter once again, so they chose to open the cage so that she could lastly take her in her arms. However, there was another final examination that Clara had to pass.

” Sometimes the mother rejects the babies and they leave them to starve. They decline to give them milk,” the keepers said.

The minutes seen by the caregivers had actually never been seen prior to.

When they opened the cage, Clara appeared anxious to be able to hug her little girl once again.

After a couple of minutes, she lay down beside her and finally revealed that her mother’s heart prepared to welcome her to the being she loved most in life.

Little Clarita was hungry, so after anxiously browsing her mom’s chest, she began to breastfeed with no issue, making everybody happy.

Orangutan calves normally spend their first seven years of life with their mothers.

The entire team breathed a sigh of relief. Mother and daughter will be able to live together again. The caregiver tried to discuss to Clara that the conference would be definitive, that she would no more need to fear that the little girl would be taken from her. And to comfort her and for her to understand that they exist to guarantee her happiness, she whispered in her ear:

” They won’t take it from you once again, Clara. She won’t leave once again. She is yours “.

This is the emotional reunion between the mother and her baby that touches even the hardest heart:

These types of tasks ensure that the orangutans are totally healthy and learn everything they require to be able to live on their own again in freedom.

The get-together between mother and daughter is beyond emotional and moving. It reveals the massive importance of protecting the life of these gorgeous animals.