Owners See As Their Dog Returns From The Woods With A Bear Friend

This good doggo needed to stand up and stretch his legs during a vehicle ride, so his owners pulled over and they all went out to take a break.

They stopped together with a wooded area on a backroad, and the canine went for a quick run into the woods. However little did they expect their puppy to return with an unlikely friend …

All of a sudden, a black bear comes running out of the woods with the canine following right behind. They appear to be playing and having fun with each other, but when they turn around and run the other way, the owners get nervous regarding the bear chasing after the dog and attempt to deter it.

They grab the car door in fear, but the bear simply runs back right into the woods. It seemed like a friendly enough circumstance, but you can not blame these people for being cautious. Now they have some pretty incredible video to look back on!