Pittie freaks out when he sees brother in the car next to him

They may be living in different homes currently but they still have the same sibling bond.

Watch the video clip below and witness the wonderful relationship these pittie siblings continue to have with their humans.

Lebowski, Lady, and Clifford are pittie siblings. And their people met when they were waiting in line to adopt the pitbulls.

Lebowski went to Scarley, Jennifer, and Gabe Gieger’s home when Scarley was four years old and Lebowski was 10 weeks old. Both became immediate best friends.

And do you know who else became Scarley’s best friends?

It was Lebowski’s brother, Clifford, and sis, Lady. They developed a bond with each other because all of the canines, including their humans, meet up regularly so the siblings could be with each other.

Actually, they celebrate their birthdays with each other every year.

And Scarley goes to the center of this sibling love.

It was a relationship that started after they adopted the sibling pitties. They made strategies to meet up with all the canines and everybody had such a great time. And all of them believed they do this regularly.

3 of them did get together at least when each year, Lebowski, Clifford, and Girl.

And each time they’re together, they can not get enough of each other! They keep showering each other with kisses and have fun with each other the entire time.

Scarley has been with the pittie siblings since she was four years of ages. And the pitties treat her like their little human. They go wherever she goes. They have fun with her. And they bath her with so many kisses.

Scarley’s their ring leader.

” It just makes me rejoice when they come by, running to me,” Scarley shared. “It resembles ‘Yes, give me all the love!'”.

Each year on the pitties’ birthday, they get together at a local park.

And they celebrate with party hats, balloons, and a unique cake for the dogs.

And there was a time when their people’ cars were driving next to each other, they went wild when they saw each other! They kept howling and barking gone. Lebowski couldn’t sit still and wished to rush over to his sibling.

Scarley would certainly always bring the cake to them and they would patiently while everyone sang. They won’t consume the cake yet till Scarlett told them it was okay. Their people would certainly laugh while they devoured the cake.

But they didn’t care. All they cared about was cake!

They’re such amazing party troopers too, happily wearing their costumes, celebration hats, and happy birthday crowns.

And, at the end of the party, they ‘d plop down on the ground, tired from all the having fun, and because of food coma.

Although Clifford and Girl does not live with them, Scarley has actually expanded to love them, too, over the years.

” His siblings … have a extremely unique location in my heart. They’ve always been so great to me, and they’re so adorable and squishy,” Scarley gushed. “All these memories we have together, I’ll never forget.”.