Stunning Photos Show Rescued Tiger Mother Giving Her Cub A Good Wash In The River (8 Pictures).

Most adults would agree that bath time for their kids can be quite challenging.

So it’s no surprise that even mommy tiger is finding it hard to give her cub a good old wash.

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In the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India, the mother tiger had brought her infant down to the river, however it seemed like the youngster was more interested in splashing around and having fun than in getting clean.

Ninad Sane, a 26-year-old Mumbai software tester and amateur photographer, took the lovely photos. Ninad had been going to the tiger reserve to see the behavior of the big animals.

Ninad claimed: “I had been waiting to see the tiger mom and her cubs for a long time before they eventually emerged going down to the river.”.

” The mother remained in the water with her cub, and it immediately started jumping around and splashing, a lot like a human child would do in the water.”.

” But the mum had control of it the whole time, although it just wanted to play. It was really sweet– the mum was extremely relaxed the entire time.”.

Instead of growling and getting angry, the adoring mom kissed the kid on the lips once she had actually done providing it a clean.