Police dog performs CPR on policeman in adorable video

Police dog performs CPR on policeman in adorable video

Dogs are a continuous visibility in our lives. Those lovely creatures seemed to be designed to make our days much better. But they can also save our lives, when needed.

Whether we’re talking about emotional support dogs, or police dogs, they won’t think twice to sacrifice themselves, only to save ours, because most of us know that absolutely nothing compares to a dog’s love and loyalty.

Recently, a video showing an adorable pup, performing CPR on ‘collapsed’ officer has taken the internet by storm. The video clip, initially shared by the Municipal Police of Madrid in Spain, shows a little pup named Poncho while demonstrating some incredible CPR skills before elementary school kids.

Poncho can be seen while doing an “brave live-saving act upon a policeman and did not hesitate for an instant to save the agent’s life”, the police department wrote in a translated tweet.

The well trained canine acts exactly like a human officer, when among his comrades is falling to the ground, pretending to be unresponsive. Poncho continuously jumps on the policeman chest in an effort to restart his heart and save his life! Watch the adorable video here: