Policeman Gives Wounded Dog The Coat Off His Own Back To Help Comfort And Maintain Her Warm

Policeman Gives Wounded Dog The Coat Off His Own Back To Help Comfort And Maintain Her Warm

When the call came in to the Chautauqua County, New York City, Sheriff’s Department that a dog had been hit by a vehicle, Sergeant Chris Howlett rapidly rushed to the scene.

Sergeant Howlett found the injured dog lying near the road in a snow bank. He quickly removed his coat and covered the cold dog as best as he could to attempt to keep her warm and from entering into shock.

The kind police officer then sat and comforted the dog and attempted to reassure her that she was not alone and aid was on the way. The canine was soon transported to a local veterinarian for treatment.

Fortunately, the canine was found to have just small injuries and would certainly survive her accident. Her grateful owners were notified and updated the sheriff’s department that their canine, whose name was Rogue, was going to be fine and able to return home from the hospital soon.

The update from the Chautauqua Region Sheriff’s Department read:

” The family has actually connected to give an update. Her name is Rogue and she is being evaluated by Veterinarians. She is succeeding and hopefully we will back home by Monday. I am sure the family has actually greatly appreciated the outpouring of assistance from everybody.”

The Sheriff’s Department posted a photo of Sergeant Howlett calming Rogue which warmed hearts far and wide. It was wonderful that a good samaritan reported the crash and officers had the ability to help the poor dog prior to she froze to fatality in the snow.

The department shared on their Facebook web page:

” During times that there seems to be negative press towards law enforcement this shows a little compassion for law enforcement and specifically our deputies. Sgt. Chris Howlett seen comforting a dog that had been struck by a car. She was reunited with her proprietors who are checking her problem. She sustained minor injuries but is expected to be okay.”

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