Pregnant Mare Is Very Happy To See Her Various Newborn Twins

Pregnant Mare Is Very Happy To See Her Various Newborn Twins

One of the most emotional moments, which is also physically very painful for women, is the birth of a baby. It takes a lot of time, initiative, and obviously a lot of physical pain to complete the birth process, but most of these mothers follow because it is one of the most beautiful feelings. There is not a problem repeating this. Newborn baby, the newest and most important person in your life.

Just moms and dads can understand how important these kids remain in their lives. Non-parents can understand it to some extent, however when you experience it, it’s a completely different story. The entire process of giving birth resembles all mammals, with a lot of pain and the exact same incredible feelings that different mammals feel when they see a newborn baby.

In the video below, for example, there is a mare that is very pleased with her newborn twin foals, however she never expected. This beautiful American Paint Horse, called Tiki, gave birth to twin foals, woodcock pockets and lovely opals. Have a look at this proud mother and her baby right after birth in the amazing video below.

The amazing mom horse is owned by the Mason family, who looked after Tiki’s collection of ultrasounds, confirming that the foal remains to grow. Her adorable foals were birthed healthy at Conley and Koontz Horse Hospital in Columbia City, Indiana.

According to Huntington County Tab, “The 86-pound Colt was first birthed. Concerning 5 mins before midnight, it was as healthy and balanced as a horse. The filly was birthed about 10 mins after midnight and weighed 59 pounds.

The truth that these are different twins, not same-sex twins, is also rather unusual. Twin pregnancy is extremely rare and most newborns are of the exact same sex, but this case is very unusual. Well, watch the video clip listed below and share your love for these newborn foals.