Pregnant opossum cuddles up to the people who saved her babies lives

Judy Obregon was on her way to her mother-in-law’s when she saw something in the road from the corner of her eye.

Leaving her car, she was met with a small opossum lying still on the ground, which she assumed was dead.

But just as she looked to get back in her car, the small animal lifted its head. As Judy got closer, she noticed the animal was intact and didn’t seem to have been struck by a car.

Instead, it looked to have been struck by an air gun. On closer inspection, Judy found the animal was pregnant.

The opossum was having a hard time to lift her head and was unable to walk, so Judy placed her sideways of the road and covered her with a Tees to keep her warm.

As the founder of The Abandoned Ones ‘Saving Animals in Danger’– an animal rescue in Fort Worth, Texas– Judy has lots of experience in rescuing dogs, however not much when it comes to smaller animals.

So, she got in touch with someone who she recognized would be able to help. A wildlife rehabilitator called Tabatha.

As Judy awaited Tabatha, she decided to find a box to put the opossum, that she had actually called Angel, to keep her safe.

She called her husband to come to help her look after the opossum as she obtained the box prepared for her.

Angel seemed to feel eased by him, and clung to him like crazy.

She enjoyed Judy’s husband’s company so much to ensure that it was a battle to pull Angel from him in order to get her into the box to keep her safe.

Judy placed the box on the concrete to enable Angel to crawl into it herself, guiding her in with her hands.

She recorded the entire thing, and we’re glad she did, because Angel is rather perhaps the cutest little opossum you will certainly ever see.

When Tabatha lastly arrived, she was able to get a great take a look at her. She informed The Dodo: ‘I can tell on evaluation of her that she was struck, and I’m pretty sure she was shot with a BB gun.’

Obviously, there were 4 teeth that had been harmed, and a spot on the roof of her mouth had actually been hit by the BB gun.

Fortunately, there was no heavy blood loss or broken bones, so all Angel requires is some tender love and care.

Tabatha thinks Angel and her babies– who are still yet to be born– have a very good possibility at life.

And fortunately for them, Tabatha understands a man who owns 60 acres of land, where hunting is prohibited. He has actually allowed her to release Angel on to his property as soon as she is up to it.