December 7, 2023

Greyhound Rescued From Racing Was Afraid Of Affection Until He Saw His Baby Brother

A greyhound named Mosley was 4 years of ages when he was rescued from the dog racing industry.

The pooch was quickly provided a home by Scott Merrihew and his wife, however he was so used to noise and a lot of dogs around him that he had no idea just how to respond to love and kindness coming from humans.

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” When we first got him, he had a little separation anxiety and was truly protective of his space,” Scott told The Dodo. “It took a lot of patience over the years with him to obtain him as comfortable as he is with life off the track.” When Scott’s wife became pregnant, the 8-year-old Mosley became especially attentive of her.

” He was a lot extra cuddly with my wife towards the end of the maternity,” Merrihew said. “He knew something was happening!” The baby boy Lucas Merrihew was born about a week ago and Mosley had nothing but love for him.

” His initial reaction about Lucas was extremely interested however knew to keep his distance,” Scott explained. “He’s been truly great with the baby. We currently secure the kitties out of the room in the evening however Mosley is allowed in.”