Rare dog goes viral after being mistaken for a statue

Rare dog goes viral after being mistaken for a statue

She’s beautiful like a art piece ❤ They’re beautiful. This dog breed is called Xolos, old dog breed, it was thought to be a guardian of underworld, ability to repel evil spirits, rare and smart dogs!

In the beginning glance, it appears to be a canine statue … but the fact is not what you believe …

This is actually a living, breathing canine that is owned to Sandra Pineda, from Quezon City, Philippines. She is a Xoloitzcuintle or Mexican Hairless Dog and was brought home when she was simply two-months-old.

Looking at the photos of her, people believed this was of a statue. Everyone was mistaken due to her unique look and the truth she does not have hair. However, not everybody is convinced by her uncommon looks. While many people like her look, some believe she looks ugly or odd.

Although she looks major and even frightening to some, she’s in fact an intelligent, caring and playful dog.

So, Sandra’s probably got a fantastic bond with her.

This breed is extremely faithful. Is not aggressive but does not like to be petted by anyone other than their owner. Does not go to other people, is very smart and added faithful.

That’s so cool! And looks very wonderful too!

Love this breed What an absolute beauty…