Rescue dog does' happy dancing in the rain after 175 days stuck in shelter

Rescue dog does’ happy dancing’ in the rain after 175 days stuck in shelter

For Rambo, there is nothing sweeter than freedom. Not food, not shelter. Simply the feeling of being untethered and free to roam.

Also the rain had not been going to quit Rambo from his freedom run. This poor dog had been secured in a shelter for 175 days.

Rescue dog does' happy dancing in the rain after 175 days stuck in shelter

It was the first day he was sprung from the joint by the members at Forgotten Dogs Rescue.

When he reached his foster home and realized that he can run freely and had not been restricted like he remained in the shelter, he ran as fast as he could.

Rambo’s new foster mom took a video of it to send out to Rambo’s rescuers.

” I cried happy tears when his foster mom sent me the video clip,” sanctuary volunteer Julie Saraceno Said. “That was his second day in his foster home, and the outright happiness in his eyes and the feeling of freedom was wonderful to see.”

The video reveals Rambo jumping around a little bit. After that, he recognizes that he has endless power of the terrain before him.

That’s when he begins doing laps around the large lawn.

Zigging and zagging between the landscaping and items in the yard while running his circles. It appeared like Rambo was doing a little pleased dancing.

The joy Rambo had from living in a little concrete kennel to a huge, lush green lawn is palpable in the video.

The rain and the wet grass didn’t seem to bother Rambo at all.

After a good run, he tuckered himself out a little bit and chose to go back inside with his new mom. Rambo sure was a pleased boy. While sanctuaries can help dogs, being in a shelter long-term can negatively affect a dog.

” A sanctuary environment is sensory overload for a dog. New smells, unfamiliar people, and unusual noises can all cause extreme tension. A nervous canine is a fearful dog and in a sanctuary environment they come to be much more fearful, lessening their possibilities of someone wishing to adopt them,” composes.

They then added:
” As days become weeks and weeks become months or even years, canines with long-term sanctuary remains can come to be sensitized to loud noises, quick motions and various other dogs. Often times, dogs that are scared do not present well in shelter kennels and therefore do not generate adoption interest and end up remaining in the shelter even longer or being euthanized.”

Canine that are in sanctuaries can develop canine trauma.

They can likewise develop splitting up anxiety or come to be overprotective of their belongings.

But it appears that Rambo has adjusted well to his new life of freedom. Many people commented on Instagram regarding how pleased they were for Rambo.

“I can’t also start to inform you just how HAPPY I AM FOR RAMBO TO BE IN HIS FOSTER HOME RUNNING TOTALLY FREE IN THE GRASS AND RAIN SEEING THE SMILE ON HIS FACE!!!!! I hope and pray he is a foster fail with this family! I hope they fall forever in love with him and maintain him happy smiling face and heart forever! He will be forever loyal to you! And love you forever!” said one commenter.

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