Rescuer Discovers Dog Hidden Up To Her Neck Before Realizing That She Is Not Alone

Vet Soner Büyümez heard a sound previously today while working on a remote farm in Turkey that he couldn’t ignore. It sounded helpless, almost like a scream for aid.

According to Büyümez, “I hurried to the location.” “A landslide had occurred. I noticed a dog was buried alive. Only her head was visible above the ground.

The canine was in trouble. But as Büyümez would soon discover, she had not been only worried about her own life.

” It was quite upsetting when I first met her,” said Büyümez.

He knew that he needed to take action. Büyümez quickly retrieved a shovel and began digging.

One more sound was heard as Büyümez cleared the dog’s encircling dirt. The sound was barely audible but unique.

Büyümez remarked, “I heard the howl of puppies. “They were below the surface.”

To the relief of their anxious mother, Büyümez saved a total of seven puppies that were buried alive after their underground tunnel collapsed.

Büyümez started digging again after the first dog was safely removed in order to safeguard her pups.

Büyümez’s fast thinking had actually rescued the furry family, who were currently secure.

According to Büyümez, the mother dog was a stray attempting to make it on her own because perilous location. She and her children won’t be alone any longer, though.

The mom and her puppies are safe, and their general problem is extremely great, according to Büyümez. “I’ll treat them like my very own,” she said.