Shetland ponies enjoy a spa day at home

Horse trainer Emma Massing ale recognizes how important it is to pamper her horses. She loves her horses and knows that they are worthy of the best.

And so, she decided to establish a spa day for her 2 Shetland ponies.

The fortunate ponies who obtained the spa day are Albert and Ernie. Albert is a rescued standard Shetland pony and Ernie is a miniature Shetland pony.

And they have the gall to require a spa day!

Shetland ponies have actually roamed the hills and moors of Shetland for 4,000 years a minimum of.

This hardy breed is unique to the land and all those years have transformed them in to hard little haulers that located work in British coal mines throughout the 19th century. They could go through low, underground tunnels hauling big tons of coal.

Shetlands are mainly used for attraction today. Kids ride them during shows and even adults can get away with riding one for pleasure.

However Albert and Ernie? Well Emma’s obtained them covered in towels, there’s shampoo prepared, and the parlor is open. Currently I don’t learn about you however the past year’s drama has me craving for a great massage …

Albert and Ernie get their manes rolled and curled, and there’s also a mirror established just for them. Might as well be vain while they’re at it, right?

It’s incredible to think that Emma was able to pull this off.

Either she’s trained them well or those ponies are exceptionally well behaved and enjoying the unique therapy.

Those golden locks are done so Emma whips out a hairdryer to make sure those locks shine under the sun. How eighties rock celebrity are those pony locks?

Albert and Ernie get to lay down now with warm stones evenly spread out across their broad bodies, and once done, just how around nail polish? Or … hoof polish?

Whatever, so long as they get to be on their backs and enjoy the sun!

With towels under their heads, the ponies go for mud masks to remove all the impurities on their faces. When that’s done, there’s a bubbly swimming pool waiting to make sure they stay as relaxed as can be.

All of us wish to be these ponies right now.

Now that they’ve been pampered, they can sleep all the time.

Not unless it is just one of those spas that provide you a drink of your choice. Some would certainly go for tea, others wine, while most simply ask for water.

We wonder what kind of drink Albert and Ernie requested. Possibly something with ‘mule’ in it!

These two are so lovable, and they plainly had the best time with their spa day. What a wonderful pair.