Storekeeper Opens His Door To Stray Cat Pleading For Help During Heatwave

As temperatures soar across much of the northern hemisphere, refuge from the scorching warm can be tough to come by– and that’s specifically real for homeless pets.

But fortunately for this stray cat, safe haven was located in the refreshing compassion of a stranger’s kindness.

Recently, Rayan Algamadi shared video taken at his electronics shop in Saudi Arabia, a region grasped by the heatwave. In the clip, Algamadi notices the unclean cat pawing desperately at the front door– asking to be allowed inside.

Fortunately, the cat’s pleas weren’t lost on Algamadi. Though he can have transformed her away, he instead invited her in to cool off.

” Welcome, welcome,” Algamadi says in the video. “She wants to enter. Come on. Welcome, welcome. The sun is hot today, right? Welcome, welcome.”

And the cat’s sensations of relief and gratitude for it are palpable:

In a remark to his post, Algamadi indicated that, in addition to a refuge to cool off, the cat was provided with food and water also. She would certainly picked the right person and place to go to for help.

The Dodo reached out to Algamadi to learn more, but he was not immediately available for comment. What matters more, however, is that he was there for her when she required it most.