Stray Dog Begged People To Adopt Him From The Trash Dump, Finally Finds Forever House With His Friend

Stray Dog Begged People To Adopt Him From The Trash Dump, Finally Finds Forever House With His Friend

Hercules stayed in a trash dump in Turkey. Yet, in all that filth, he was the sweetest dog you would have satisfied. He used to jump on people’s vehicles when they came to toss their trash there. The stray dog begged people to adopt him and take him far from the terrible location. But filthy as he was, no one wanted to take him home.

Hercules isn’t the only dog living in this location though. Concerning 800 dogs live in this horrible place, struggling for food and sanctuary. They are starving and are constantly cold. The only shelter they have is the trash dumps.

Gocke Erdogan took an initiative to feed the stray dogs and provide them with treatment. Later an organization called Rescuers Without Borders (RWB) also joined Erdogan.

RWB’s main focus was to find suitable homes for senior dogs and puppies. It was so because they are the vulnerable ones that can not make it through in harsh conditions.

Hercules was different from various other canines living there. He had a burning desire to be out of that place. So this stray dog begged people to adopt him by jumping up on their vehicles.

Dudas was his good friend. Cunefare, a volunteer from RWB, adopted Dudas. This made Hercules lonely. His only good friend was no more with him. He was not faring well alone. Gocke called Cunefare to ask if Cunefare can adopt Hercules too.

After knowing about Dudas and Hercules’ relationship, Cunefare couldn’t say no. Hercules was brought home too.

Their get-together was an incredible sight to witness. Both of them were ecstatic regarding seeing each other. Later on it was known that Dudas was like a surrogate mom to Hercules. Naturally, they loved it when they were combined once again.

It was heart-wrenching to see how the stray canine begged people to adopt him. He found himself a permanently house lastly. But not all dogs are so lucky. Let’s adopt dogs rather than purchasing them. That way everyone gets to be satisfied and there is no moral guilt as well. Win-win!