Talkative Pittie Informs Her Moms And Dads She's Hurt But That She'll Be OK

Talkative Pittie Informs Her Moms And Dads She’s Hurt But That She’ll Be OK

Shortcake is a rescue pittie who is extremely talkative and energetic. She’s friendly and also loving and simply lives life to the fullest with her mom and dad!

So the day that her voice transformed and she stopped moving, they knew something was very wrong.

Shortcake was no longer herself, and she revealed that with her face, actions, and talking. The dog had nerve damages in her neck when they initially embraced her, so they got her right into emergency surgery immediately. It would certainly take a while for this dog to obtain her spunk back, but when she did, she was sure to allow her moms and dads know!.