The couple witnessed the 16 meter long python curled up in the car like its nest, sending chills dowп the car owner’s spine (VIDEO)

A British couple were left rattled when they discovered a five-metre python hitching a ride underneath their vehicle bonnet

Marlene Swart, Leon Swanepoel, Kruger National Park, snake, vehicle bonnet.
The couple were left surprised after discovering a snake in their vehicle’s bonnet
Marlene Swart and Leon Swanepoel were touring Kruger National Park while on holiday in South Africa when their car was targeted by the deadly snake.

The pair got on the look-out for lions before the squatting snake crawled towards them and vanished below their vehicle.

‘ It was certainly a when in a lifetime experience that we will never forget,’ explained Ms Swart.

‘ When we found a number of safari cars on the road we thought it was the lions we were looking for but we were notified there was a python in the grass.


‘ While we were looking the snake suddenly sailed out of the grass straight in our direction.

She added: ‘I waved to the car behind us asking him to reverse but he really did not realise what was going on.

‘ The python vanished below our car and about two minutes later everyone started laughing when it failed to reappear.

‘ I was totally in shock and terrified.’.

The duo were required to drive 3 miles to the closest checkpoint where the relaxed serpent was eventually coaxed away from its warm retreat.

‘ When we eventually opened the bonnet the snake was simply relaxing on the bonnet watching all of the commotion around him,’ the 38-year-old added.

‘ It eventually crawled away unharmed and fortunately there was no damage to the car.

‘ Later that night we had a good chuckle about the reactions of the bystanders when it left the vehicle.

‘ People were scattering in all directions, I’m only disappointed that I was numb with fear and shock and really did not take more photos.’.

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