Wonderful Moment In Between Pair Of Sweet Owls Captured On Camera

Wonderful Moment In Between Pair Of Sweet Owls Captured On Camera

A tender moment between a pair of barn owls has actually been caught in some spectacular pictures. The caring pair, that are sis rather than a breeding pair, were cuddling with each other in a tree.

Leslie Arnott, 55 from Staffordshire, caught the moment during a Nation Events and Falconry partnership where he shows people exactly how to photo static and flying birds of prey.
‘ The owls are trained however they fly free in the woodland for clients to photo them.’ Leslie said

Mr Arnott said he had actually never ever seen anything like it when he spotted the two ‘kissing’ each other.

‘ They are rather hard problems at night forest and both flew for a while before sharing their unique moment.’

‘ Despite the fact the birds are educated, it was so unique when they alighted on the branch and began a little intimacy with each other.’

‘ They began rubbing heads and obtaining quite affectionate. After that came the moment they showed up to kiss each other.’

‘ It was possibly not intentional however it was a moment I have never seen before or since– in spite of many efforts to attempt and get them to repeat the moment for others.’

‘ They certainly looked like they tried to kiss however I think we will never ever know for sure.’

‘ These owls are very affectionate towards each other and work well with each other however they are not a breeding pair they are actually sisters.’

‘ They continued their tender habits towards one another for around three minutes but the kissing took place twice within that period.’
‘ It was luck as long as ability to capture the split second moment and I’m very glad I did.’