Two Rescued German Shepherds Find Loving Forever Homes

Two Rescued German Shepherds Find Loving Forever Homes

It’s constantly sad to see dogs being given away.

For Skye and Zena, when their owners relocated, they decided to provide the two pooches away. Luckily for Skye and Zena, the people they were given to were nice people that loved animals.

Unfortunately, the pair of puppies weren’t going to go to their brand-new home forever. The people who took them in realized that they couldn’t afford to correctly care for the dogs.

They made the tough decision to let them go, therefore they contacted Sidewalk Specials for assistance.

The rescue was more than happy to assist these two dogs obtain a new beginning in life. However, both dogs were a little worried initially to allow themselves to obtain removed by Sidewalk Specials.

Eventually, they relented and allowed the rescue take them.

At first, Skye and Zena were placed in a house with each other, but then, on the advice of a dog behaviorist, both were separated and placed with male companions.

It ended up being an excellent suitable for both pups who went on to live very happy lives.