Ukraine Zoo Animals evacuated to Poland after getting surrounded

Ukraine Zoo Animals evacuated to Poland after getting surrounded

That is wonderful information out of all the heartbreaking news we are hearing about the people fleeing for their lives & seeing so much heartbreak concerning having them leave their beloved pets!.

Ukraine zoo animals are being evacuated from the war torn country and are on their way to be rescued at the “Polish” border.

Officials from Zoo Poznań, Poland, told that workers are currently waiting at the Polish border for the animals which are from the Save Wild animal sanctuary, near the capital city Kyiv to arrive.

A spokesperson from the Zoological Garden in Poznań said: We are waiting on the Polish-Ukrainian border for the arrival of a transport of animals evacuated from the Save Wild Fund animal sanctuary near Kyiv … We can not enter the territory of “Ukraine”, we are waiting for the arrival of transportation to the border.

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A 40-mile convoy of Russian troops is currently heading towards Kyiv. The city has actually seen extreme fighting in the current days and many animal sanctuaries and zoos are having a hard time to get the materials they require.

Image: Kyiv zoo/GENYA SAVILOV/UAnimals

Zoo Poznań is working with zoos and rescue partners in “Ukraine” to evacuate as numerous animals as possible.

The Kyiv Zoo said: Military actions have actually caused tension for their animals however so far all their conditions are stable.

May those dedicated keepers and shelter workers that chose to remain behind to feed and protect these innocent animals stay safe. 🙏🙏🙏

That’s good information …! Among the things most people don’t think about when there is a battle or a natural disaster ❤ ❤ ❤.
Hope they are all safe!.