Video Captures Police Shooting Lady's Dogs Without Them Behaving Aggressively

Video Captures Police Shooting Lady’s Dogs Without Them Behaving Aggressively

One “brave” Minnesota Policeman fired two service dogs inside a fenced yard. Yes, you read that right. The officer had responded to a burglary alarm and arrived at the house before shooting the dogs who were perhaps minding their own business.

The dogs came from Jennifer LeMay, and also the alarm system had been stumbled by LeMay’s daughter.

When the officer showed up on the scene, he fired the dogs, but the camera video showed that neither dog was acting aggressively towards the policeman when he opened fire.

I am quite sure the canines were not the suspects the officer was looking for either.

Enjoy the “brave” officer fire the brown and also white dog for approaching him and wagging his tail!

Take a look at this video

Sadly the dog who was shot in the face has a broken jaw however both canines are anticipated to make a complete recovery.

The officer requires to have his weapon taken away, he clearly doesn’t understand how to control himself.

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