Video Of Puppy’s First Day At The Beach Goes Viral

Videos go viral for a lot of various reasons. Some of them are sad and some are insane, however when you have a video of an adorable dog, it goes viral for all the right reasons.

It appears as if that is the case with Eddie, a small golden doodle that was spending his initial day at the beach.

It was an event that was anticipated by the household, but it seems as if things really did not go quite as smoothly as they had actually expected.

Because it was Eddie’s first time at the beach, the pooch didn’t recognize precisely what to expect.

Apparently, he also really did not recognize much regarding the sea, and it had not been as he had thought it would be.

The video took place at St. Ives, Cornwall, and ever since, Eddie doesn’t want to go anywhere near water. It doesn’t matter if it is an ocean, a lake, or a river, he keeps his distance.

It’s constantly a great idea to be cautious when you’re around water however there is a lot to enjoy about it also.

Despite whether Eddie wants to enter the water or otherwise, he is still adorable and we wish they post more videos soon.