White Lion And White Tiger Had Children Together And They're The Most Adorable Things In The World

White Lion And White Tiger Had Children Together And They’re The Most Adorable Things In The World

These adorable bros are ligers – lion-tiger hybrids. Ligers are incredibly unusual. There are only around 1,000 of them on the planet, and the majority of these animals live in captivity.

These 4 liger cubs are truly one-of-a-kind. Have a look at the video below to see the adorable cats in action!

Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apolo are even rarer than other ligers. They’re thought to be the first white ligers ever birthed!

The brothers’ parents are Ivory, a white lion, and Saraswati, a white tiger. White lions and tigers are nearly as rare as ligers– there are just 1,200 white tigers and 300 white lions in the world.

Ivory, Saraswati, and their cubs live at the T.I.G.E.R. Shelter in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

This sanctuary has actually successfully bred ligers prior to. One of their ligers, Hercules, is the greatest cat on the planet according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Hercules is 922 pounds, but despite his large size, he’s still a sweetie that likes playing with his trainers and his new nephews.

” I skip a day seeing them and it looks like they’ve increased in size. It’s like somebody’s blowing them up with a tire pump.”

The liger cubs love swimming like tigers and are sociable like lions. They also have their own unique personality traits. Apollo is the smallest of the 4, and he likewise behaves the most like a house cat. The little animal loves curling up with his handlers and havingthem pet him. Yeti is the most boisterous of the 4, and he always intends to be the center of attention. He’s also the greatest of the 4 cats– Dr. Antle thinks that he might wind up even being larger than his uncle Hercules. By the time they’re 2 years of ages, Dr. Antle believes that all 4 cats will certainly go to least 10 feet high and weigh around 750 pounds. It’s difficult to imagine these tiny animals getting that big!

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