January 30, 2023
Pit Bull starved chained to radiator for 6 months, eats snow believing it's food

Pit Bull starved chained to radiator for 6 months, eats snow believing it’s food

Fortunate, a young Pit Bull, had the most uncaring owners that didn’t even have the decency to locate him an alternate home, They just chained him to a radiator for over 6 long months in the cold winter season, and hardly ever before fed him.

Over the months, Lucky withered away into a mass of skin and bones. Somebody heard Lucky’s cry for aid and notified “AMA Animal Rescue”, that entered to rescue the dying pup. The rescuers were moved to tears as they saw Lucky devour his first bowl of food in weeks.

When the rescuers took Lucky out for a walk, the first thing he did was eat the snow. The poor baby was so starved that whatever appeared like food to him. The shelter staff guaranteed to never allow him go hungry once again.

Lucky was moved to a foster home where he flourished under the gentle love and treatment from his family and other canine siblings. It is incredible to see Lucky greet every human with hugs and cuddles, even after the abuse he has gone through.

Today, he lives with his loving and responsible forever family in Brooklyn, NY. They make sure to take him to a close-by park daily, so that he never ever feels the suffocation of a restricted existence ever again. Seems like Lucky has indeed turned out to be one lucky dog!

Click the video below to watch Lucky’s heart-touching rescue and his happy minutes in his new forever home!