Young puppy Chewed Owner's Phone And Got Punished With Boiling Hot Water

Young puppy Chewed Owner’s Phone And Got Punished With Boiling Hot Water

There is a great line between discipline and torture. After you hear what happened to Tuffy, the terrier, you will certainly no question agree he was tortured.

Back in 2015, Tuffy chewed his owner phone, according to Animals Asia and was punished seriously.

Image Credit: Animals Asia

Initially, there was the boiling water that was put around his body and then, Tuffy, simply six weeks old was dropped off a four-story building.

Fortunately, Yan Yingying, 30, located Tuffy and rushed him to the animal clinic for treatment– the closest animal clinic was an hour away.

Image Credit: Animals Asia

Emily Drayton, an Animals Asia veterinarian, claimed she was sickened when she saw how badly injured Tuffy was– she had a difficult time stopping the tears from falling down her face.

Never ever had actually anyone seen an animal in such excruciating discomfort. Tuffy had burns to 60 percent of his body and required around-the-clock care.

In the beginning, Tuffy couldn’t even close his eyes since the burns had caused his skin to tighten up.
The founder of Animal Asia, Jill Robinson called Tuffy’s recovery a miracle!

Image Credit: Animals Asia

Robinson added that in cases of animal abuse or neglect, caregivers need to learn to put their feelings aside and focus on treating the animal.

Image Credit: Animals Asia

Tuffy did recover thanks in part to Yan, that didn’t pass him by that day she saw him resting on the ground.

She chose him up and obtained him the help he deserved.

Image Credit: Animals Asia

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