September 30, 2023
A Brave Goose Chasing After a Crocodile To Protect Its Babies

A Brave Goose Chasing After a Crocodile To Protect Its Babies

In an extremely bizarre movie that happens to be seen just in Florida, a bad crocodile is chased across a golf course by a team of angry geese.

The scene took place at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens while witnesses seen extremely. Thankfully, a funny minute was fired with the camera!

When a crocodile got into the field at a golf course, golf players were forced to monitor the safety of their vehicles. Still, one goose family was quite angry with the presence of reptiles and started hunting them. Among the birds (turned out to be a mom) is take on enough to obtain a few inches closer to the crocodile while the seven chicks are chasing just behind them.

Nevertheless, reptiles do not seem to be disturbed by the presence of geese at all. Gradually proceed to the other side of the field without transforming your head.

Slow motion tracking took place at the second Yearly Christie’s Critters Invitational at the PGA National Champ Course and was captured by one of the golfers, Ryan Witkowski. The strange video is less than a min long, but has been watched about 500,000 times on YouTube alone.