Actor Robert Downey, Ironman, Confesses That Now He Can not Live Without The Animals He Rescued

Actor Robert Downey, Ironman, Confesses That Now He Can not Live Without The Animals He Rescued

Actor Robert Downey, who represents Ironman in the Wonder world, has shown his love for animals. The superhero captivated his fans by revealing his even more human side with his pets.

Robert also represented the famous Doctor Dolittle, a vet that handled to speak with animals. For him it will not have been hard, the topic of talking with them is fiction, but in his house in Malibu he has numerous animals of different species.

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He and his wife Susan rescued 2 cats that from the first moment came to be a member of their household.

Monty and D’Artagnan are the names of the two felines that were welcomed by the famous Hollywood actor.

Robert confessed that he does not perceive his life without the animals he has rescued

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In 2017, he rescued Moly, a black cat that required the opportunity to have a warm home where he was provided the protection and love he deserved after facing a rough past.

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Moly behaves and friendly, he has actually constantly been pleased to have the affection of his family that likes him so much.

About D’Artagnan, Susan, commented that he is a pet cat sometimes hard to recognize, so it is difficult for them to know if he mores than happy or in a bad mood. They explain him as a extremely sleepy cat, he communicates happily with the rest of the pets in the house despite his particular character.

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The actor admitted that he initially refused to adopt rescued animals since he was extremely saddened by the situation they were facing, but he can not resist taking them in forever and right now he claims that he can not live without them.

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Along with felines and pet dogs, the Downey house also has alpacas, they maintain these animals, similar to llamas, as family pets.

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The actor’s manor has large green areas in which the animals enjoy as they were in their all-natural habitat.

The house has given much to discuss because it was built with a style of sustainable architecture, along with the alpacas there are various other animals such as goats, chickens, pigs and cows.

Robert Downey revealed that he adopted a plant-based diet after sensitizing himself to the unfair therapy that animals get.

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Throughout the premiere of the film Dolittle, he revealed his admiration for his wife’s skill as a producer and commented:

“She is one of the most amazing creative producer in the history of cinema, and I make faces for cash and chicken, although no, now I do not eat chicken any longer. I’m adopting a plant-based diet, “he said.

The actor produced the structure called The Impact Coalition, with the goal of merging robotics and nanotechnology to tidy up the earth.

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Your choice to embrace a vegan diet will certainly contribute to this end because the livestock industry is one of the industries that produces the most plastic waste in the seas and promotes environment change.

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