Chicken Receives Amazing Human Arms In The Mail

Chicken Receives Amazing Human Arms In The Mail

Apparently, there is an extremely awesome group on Facebook called”? WE ❤ BIRDS? “, as the name suggests, this group is for bird lovers.

Something extremely strange was published on June 6 by the user Shell Critter that quickly went viral, the publication was shared more than 32k times and obtained more than 4.4 k “likes”.

Shell Critter shared some hilarious photos of their gorgeous hen named Sparkle, in the photos Sparkle is shown surprised to receive an unforeseen package in the mail. Neither more nor less, the adorable chicken got some little plastic arms, which obviously she had wanted for a long time.

You can see in the photos how Sparke is amazed when he sees his new package, and then tries on his new arms, which fit him perfectly!

Without further ado we leave you the funny pictures below: