Flight attendants break procedure to save dog's life in the middle of flight

Flight attendants break procedure to save dog’s life in the middle of flight

Dogs are absolutely our guardian angels, and there are numerous anecdotes of their amazing– and lifesaving– efforts. Nonetheless, also an angel might need assistance. When this small Chihuahua required help, 2 flight attendants stepped up and saved her life!

When Michele Burt, her husband Steven, and their three dogs boarded a JetBlue airplane from Florida to Massachusetts, it was planned to be a normal trip because they had gone lot of times before. The Burts followed protocol by keeping the dogs in providers under their seats. Nevertheless, soon after takeoff, Michele realized that one of her dogs, Darcy, a gorgeous French Bulldog, was experiencing respiratory problems.

Michele opened Darcy carrier’s door, worried, to look at her. The woman realized that she was violating the flight business’s procedure, but her dog’s life was in jeopardy!

” I saw her tongue was blue, and I am aware that this is a sign of a lack of oxygen,” the lady subsequently added. “I drew her from under the seat and put her on my lap to help her cool off and rest because she was terrified and breathing quickly.”

Flight attendant Renaud Fenster, had no idea what’s going on, so he initially asked Michele to put back her canine, as the flight procedure is incredibly strict in these situations. However, he soon realized it might be something serious, so he hurried to help, however not before alerting his colleague Diane Asher.

Both crew members tried to cool Darcy down with ice packs, but were unable. Then Renaud, who also has a French Bulldog, had one more idea. One that, nonetheless, deviates from protocol. He was willing to take that risk, however, in order to save the unfavorable dog’s life.

” He [Renaud] brought a tiny oxygen tank with a mask attached and said, ‘Maybe this would help,'” Michelle explained. “” I feel Renaud and Diane saved a life, and while some may discount the worth of life because Darcy is a dog, I do not.”

Darcy’s life was saved by the 2 flight attendants, although that they had to damage the regulations. So, once they arrived and Darcy had actually recovered totally, Michele chose to compose a letter to thank these two fantastic ladies. “I wanted to thank JetBlue and Renaud and Diane for doing their jobs while also being wonderful people!”

You can read the total letter here:
When locating about the situation, the company couldn’t be prouder. They also praised the two women for their actions! “Our goal is to inspire humanity, and we’re extremely happy with those outstanding team members who consistently show a passion for excellent customer care,” JetBlue wrote in a statement.