Fuzzy Grandfather Bat Looks Just Like A Dog With Wings

Bats, as hairy, mammalian residents of the skies, frequently assume a canine-like look (thus the moniker “flying fox”). This strangely lovely fruit bat, however, has more than a passing resemblance.

He looks like a dog with wings.

Nicolas Nesi, a postdoctoral research associate at Queen Mary College of London, investigates fruit bat evolution. While researching on his PhD thesis in the West African bogs, Nesi came across one of the most spectacular people of this distinctive types– a Buettikofer’s epauletted bat. This is how nature created them.

” Because this is an adult male specimen, he appears to have a dog head,” Nesi informed The Dodo. ” Man have a huge nose with big lips that look like those of dogs.”


This species’ males additionally have epaulettes of long white hair bordering scent glands on their shoulders that might be burnt out or retracted to attract feasible friends. It likewise contributes to the fluffy dog-like look. A lot so that people regularly have difficulty believing this bat is real.

” I’ve worked with this species prior to, so I recognize what to expect,” Nesi explained.” [However], I can see how some would certainly be astonished and claim that it’s Photoshopped.”

While these animals are visually spectacular, they are greater than simply a pretty face. Buettikofer’s epauleted bats, like all bat types, play an important part in maintaining the balance of their ecosystems.

” Fruit bats are extremely essential because by consuming fruit, they distribute seeds and hence contribute to forest regeneration,” Nesi discussed. “Fruit bats are likewise highly considerable pollinators in tropical and desert habitats, as are insect and bird [species]”.

In other words, similar to dogs, this bat is a truly good boy.