Moment Of Twin Birth Of An Endangered Tiger And Also Last-minute Mother's Reactions

Moment Of Twin Birth Of An Endangered Tiger And Also Last-minute Mother’s Reactions

The Sumatran tiger is, unfortunately, one of the most rare(endangered) animals on the Planet. Since 2008, there were only around 679 tigers alive. The Sumatran tiger is the only making it through tiger types living on the Sunda Islands.

But at Australia Zoo, team are working hard to prevent extinction of Sumatran population. Kaitlyn the Sumatran tiger lives at Australia Zoo where she is looked after by a kind and caring crew of experts. However the thing is, she’s pregnant and she’s expecting twins!
You heard it right, Kaitlyn the rare Sumatran tiger is expecting children!

Her bloodline can be dated back to the wild origins which means her baby tigers are one of the most genetically useful tigers to have been birthed at the zoo.

Kaitlyn is a first-time mother so the zookeepers are seeing her very carefully to ensure every thing goes well.

However, when she gives birth, the initial baby comes out quickly however signs of distress are noticeable. The baby isn’t breathing … However Kaitlyn knows precisely what to do.

A big team of zookeepers and veterinarians are all waiting patiently to make sure every thing is according to the plan. However the child is having difficult time to breathe. As mins take place, the struggling breaths continue, however Kaitlyn maintains licking her young trying to assist her.

But Kaitlyn is a professional and a supermom as she aids her infant to assist. You start to listen to little weeps and meows from the baby and that’s when all the zookeepers knew everything was ok.

After about 10 minutes, all is well and like it was timed to perfection, her second twin comes out kicking and squeaking!