This Dog Was Too Injured To Move From A Moving Train, But His Brave Friend Came To Rescue Him

When this dog’s canine friend got injured and stranded on the tracks, he stayed with her under the passing trains for 2 days, rescuing the pooch from specific death.

A team of animal rescuers from Uzhgorod, Ukraine, got a call saying two dogs were identified on the railway track. Denis Malafeyev, that shared the touching story on Facebook, composed: “When we arrived, it turned out that one of the dogs, the lady, was injured and could not move.” All this time around, the healthy dog was attempting to protect her.

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” The male dog heard the sound of the approaching train, came close to the women dog and laid down next to her … Both of them pressed their heads towards the ground, and let the train pass”.

Denis Malafeyev claimed the story made him psychological: “The male dog was doing this for two days in a row. Consider it. He was keeping her warm.”

Turned out the protective dog is called Panda, while his female friend is Lucy. The man was glad to inform the canines were given medical help and returned to their initial proprietors, where they are safe and sound.