Mother Rat Saves Her Baby From Snake

“Today while I was returning house, I saw this incredible act of love from a mother to her child ,” composes Rojas Montecinos Envy.

She’s referring to the video she shared online after happening throughout  a life and death fight taking place on the edge of the roadway. 

A snake had actually taken rat’s baby in his mouth and was slithering away with the baby’s mother in warm pursuit. “It was a time of much distress and feeling ,” Evy claims concerning what she saw.

In the video clip, the mother rat is identified to rescue her baby’s life and bites the snake’s tail to obtain him to drop its prey. After a few more efforts to release her young one, the hopeless

mother succeeds in getting the snake to drop her baby. And if you look carefully, you’ll see the baby rat moves a bit showing he lives prior to his mother chooses him up and runs to the safety of the bushes.