Homeless Puppy Who Can't Stand Looks Back And Sees A Little Bit Of Hope

Homeless Puppy Who Can’t Stand Looks Back And Sees A Little Bit Of Hope

Animal Aid Unlimited was contacted to help a little stray puppy who could not stand. The neighbor had been feeding and caring for the girl when possible

but now her leg was swollen and she had a wound on her head. She recognized she required help however didn’t recognize where to find it.

Thankfully, rescuers showed up to try and ease her mind as they transported her back to the animal hospital for a better look. It was determined that her leg had actually been fractured, and she was frightened and so not sure of everything. They gave the dog some pain medications to start.

They then continued to place a splint on her leg and gown her wound, and after that lots of rest was ordered. Her mood lightened up a bit as the pain decreased, but that look of anxiety remained in her big puppy eyes. There was just one thing left for them to do, and just wait until you see Suzie now!