Largest Orca Pod In History Caught On Camera Off The Coast Of Norway (Video).

Hundreds of killer whales gather together in Norway in what could be the largest orca pod to ever be filmed.

We understand orcas to usually gather in much smaller groups, so naturally, this huge pod of orcas raised some questions.

So why are they all gathering together?

The Orca Megapod Mystery | The Child Should See This.

Well, the first theory was that they could be a big extended family. To inform if this is true, researchers listened to the orcas’ calls to each other.

Orcas in a family normally talk in a similar dialect. But after listening for a little bit, it was clear that there were lots of various dialects, hinting they are all from different families.

So instead of this being one big pod, it remains in truth a collection of several pods coming together in this area, and this is uncommon in orca behavior.

Could they have met for mating purposes?

Orcas are pretty secretive with their breeding practices. However we understand that they do prefer to breed in warmer waters and in the springtime, whereas this video was captured in the winter, it seems like it’s the wrong time of year for romance.

What about a potential feeding frenzy?

The video does show a lot of birds circling overhead which can show that there might be a lot of food down below.

In this part of Norway, the fish is probably herring, which is an orca fave. However it doesn’t look like they are herding them as they normally would as the video shows no tail slapping.

Instead, you can see the fishing boats distant, they will usually break the nets and take some fish for themselves.

These smart animals have learned what fishing boats sound like, and therefore have grouped up as they recognized there would be food here.

Just how clever!