Pregnant Dog Gets Dumped On The Street, Goes Around Crying And Begging For Food

Pregnant Dog Gets Dumped On The Street, Goes Around Crying And Begging For Food

Stella the homeless dog was heavily pregnant when she was located crying and begging for food on the harsh streets of Texas.

he desolate pooch was living under cars for shelter and was visibly troubled by the uncertainty prevailing over the destiny of her unborn babies. When the workers of North Fork Animal Welfare League (NFAWL) learned about Stella, they immediately took her in.

The NFAWL team took Stella to a vet for necessary medical exam. As per the size of the puppies in the X-ray, the veterinarian was sure that the litter would certainly arrive within the next 2 weeks. So the employees made Stella comfortable in a quiet and cozy room at the sanctuary. Little did they recognize she would be going into labor the very next morning!

As it turned out, the sensation of safety and security at the shelter sufficed to cause Stella’s stress-free labor. The workers diligently watched over her as she gave birth to 8 puppies within a number of hrs. Being the shelter’s first litter in over 20 years, this was definitely a gratifying moment for everybody!

The sanctuary has reached out to the public for financial aid to help them do justice to the weakened mother and her litter. Stella needs extra nutrition to be able to raise her young puppies well, while the price of vaccinating and spaying/neutering the litter is also mosting likely to be high. If you desire to contribute toward the expenses of this saved furry family, you can visit their GoFundMe web page here. Spread the word.