Quick-thinking veterinarian uses CPR to rescue elephant mom in front of her calf

Listening to this baby elephant cry out for his mom is just heartbreaking!

Thailand vets were lately able to save a mother elephant and her baby during a traumatizing ordeal after they fell into a drain hole.

According to Daily Mail, Khao Yai National Forest in Nakhon Nayok province located in central Thailand experienced a heavy rain storm.

The tornado made the ground so wet and sloppy that the baby elephant, that has to do with one years old, failed the concrete drain and came to be stuck.

The park rangers were afraid that the mother would cry out for help, triggering a charge of a herd of about 30 elephants.

They knew there was no way to get the baby out while the mom was still awake because the mom wouldn’t enable it. She would not leave her calf’s side or let anyone get near it.

So, they needed to tranquilize her. In the process, she struck her head terribly and fell into the drain.

Thankfully the mom elephant was lying in such a way that the baby was still able to suckle from her while embeded the 7ft deep opening.

They needed to use a crane to pull mom her out. You can hear the child elephant shouting as the mom was pulled away.

He maintained attempting to climb his escape of the hole but kept relapsing down into the muddy pit.

The ordeal was caught on video clip and is slightly distressing to see listening to the bad little elephant’s screams.

After drawing the mother out, veterinarians rushed to restore her. In order to do so, they needed to perform CPR.

But just how do you do CPR on an elephant?

Apparently, by jumping up and down on her. Meanwhile, a building miner was used to make a path for the baby to crawl out of the drain opening. Eventually, the baby had the ability to climb its escape.

The baby immediately rushed to its mom’s side. A few more CPR pumps later on and the mom came to.

The vets and park rangers quickly moved away to give the two the area they needed to feel safe.

Eventually, the child elephant and his mom walked off into the forest to be reunited with their herd. The vet assured everyone that both the child and his mom were safe and healthy.

She then thanked everybody involved in the three-hour-long rescue of this elephant household.

“Despite the challenges, the mom did not leave her baby’s side. This experience touched our hearts and will be just one of one of the most memorable saves we’ve done,” vet Dr. Chananya Kanchanasarak said.

Lots of people that watched the video clip on YouTube discussed the mother’s determination.

“I’m sobbing watching this heartbreaking rescue clip lot of times. It truly makes my day, my month, my year, and also my life. Mom love is always great. Also she was going to be unconscious, she ensured to be beside her child to protect it. What a fantastic mother! Thanks to the veterinarians, the park rangers, and everyone that helped rescue these lovely animals. Thanks so much for your efforts and determination,” claimed one commenter.

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