Ukrainian lady, leads disabled and senior dogs to safety

Ukrainian lady, leads disabled and senior dogs to safety

As a result, Nastya Tikhaya is being hailed as a hero by the media for her duty in helping abolished and disabled animals to escape the war

Her photo of her leading several dogs catches the essence of unconditional love. She is presently assisting animals left by their owners in addition to homeless animals go across into Poland with her husband, Arthur Lee.

Most of the dogs were either disabled or elders and exhausted by the journey. They needed to be brought across the river after walking several miles. Some of the senior pets were deserted by their households as they fled, but Nastya and her husband rejected to leave them behind.

The couple is not finished. Nastya pleads for help while they rescue dogs and cats from the streets and organize transportation to Poland. Thanks to the brave couple and countless volunteers, many canines and cats are secure in Poland. They were absorbed by shelters and some of the dogs have also been reunited with their owners.

It is her love for all these canines that makes her so brave and dedicated. We wish she locates even more people to share her devotion and look after these canines.

Thank you a lot for rescuing these precious angels and leading them to safety!
So remarkable to read stories of rescues such as this

Thank You so very much for your compassion, kindness and caring.

Honor her 1000 times over! Keep her safe, Lord, and provide her all the faith and courage she will need to conserve these beautiful and innocent creatures

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