Ukrainian refugee turns around, returns to save dogs

Ukrainian refugee turns around, returns to save dogs

Greater than 3 million Ukrainians have fled their nation, complying with the Russian invasion. However one lady is doing the unthinkable returning to the active war zone … To rescue those who have actually been left behind the animals.

A number of people have actually been required to leave or stay behind with their animals since the [] started. As Marina crossed back into Ukraine to protect the animals left after taking her kids to Poland, she risked her life to continue her operate at the “Shelter Friend Ukraine”.

Marina said: I has actually absorbed hundreds of canines, and has seven baby rooms occupied by the fur babies. I am currently taking all animals that people are (leaving) and I see on roads. We are overfull but we proceed helping.

Marina claims she’s worried about not having enough supplies to look after her saves. They dogs require food, medicine, and bedding, but Marina has no way to obtain these supplies. She’s also feeling sick from every one of the stress.

Marina said: After war ends, I first will most likely to Poland to thanks Polish people that are taking care for my kids. I will take my children house and locate homes for the hundreds of animals in need in my shelter.

After that I will fulfil my dream to develop kennels with home heating at my sanctuary for lots of animals to come as I planned.

Marina, I am so glad you are doing what you are doing. It takes an extremely unique individual to look after these animals and risk her life to do so. Thank you a lot for caring for these gorgeous babies. Please remain safe.

My heart goes out to her and to all those people committed to taking care of animals who are innocently caught up in these horrible situations.

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