Ukrainian soldiers adopt a stray Pup in the freezing cold amidst a war with Russia

Ukrainian soldiers adopt a stray Pup in the freezing cold amidst a war with ‘Russia’.

The soldiers described that they felt sorry for the dog which was freezing outside. They took him into their article and he stuck with them.

Thank you for rescuing the puppy! Prayers for you all in ‘Ukraine’!!!

The ongoing war between ‘Russia’ and ‘Ukraine’ has stunned and saddened people around the world. Ever since ‘Russia’ entered ‘Ukraine’, individuals are praying for security and peace.

In spite of everything, Recently one video showing Ukrainian soldiers adopting a sweet stray canine as their guardian has gone viral.
A team of soldiers that are protecting ‘Ukraine’ introduces their newest recruit, a puppy named Rambo. It is a truly wonderful scene because war zone.

The soldiers chose to adopt Rambo after finding him on the street.
Though the dog is extremely small, the soldiers feel that their brand-new friend is helping them a lot and it is their protector.

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It shows that the people that are defending their country are just normal people like us. They took the time to care for the sweet dog. Dog’s love is a powerful thing and Rambo certainly will assist the soldiers throughout this dark hour.

We hope soon there will certainly be peace in ‘Ukraine’. And desire that Rambo should make it via the war and all the soldiers must be saved.

Such a sweet little canine and GOD honor the soldiers for taking it in to secure it ❤. Ing this little guy becomes a good luck appeal and all remain safe and alive ❤.

Honor their hearts for taking care of Rambo. We so wish you bring each other some convenience and you make it through this time– you should not have to go through this my love and prayers to you all. 🤗 🐾🐾

Wish a happy outcome. 🙏💔😢